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Making Extra Money

There are a ton of ways to bring in extra cash, whether it’s just mad money you’re after or whether you desperately need to pay the rent (been there!).

Here are some ideas:

  • Sell on Amazon. This is like eBay but with less hassle. There are many routes you can take, but the best place to learn the basics and detailed instructions on getting started is to check out Jessica Larrew of The Selling Family.
  • WeGoLook. You fill out an application, install an app on your phone and then get notifications of micro jobs in your area — anything from photo inspections of a car or street scene to property inspections.
  • Uber. You’ll need a decent, newer-model car for this, but again, you choose your hours.

Those are just three, but for a boatload of other ideas, check out one of my favorite blogs: Side Hustle Nation.

2 Favorite Tools for Entrepreneurs

There’s a lot we need to stay on top of as entrepreneurs and some of us are more creative than we are organized (*raises hand).

Here are two of my favorite tools that make life a lot easier:

  • MileIQ. This handy app keeps track of mileage on my smartphone. The best part: I don’t need to remember to write anything down! The app keeps a record and then my job is to categorize the drives whenever I have a chance to get to it. There’s a free version that tracks a limited number of drives, but your best bet is the $5.99/month subscription.
  • GoDaddy Bookkeeping. Ok, if I’m honest, it’s GoDaddy Bookkeeping PLUS my amazing sister, who handles bookkeeping for our Amazon FBA business. GoDaddy is fairly easy to learn (neither of us has an accounting background) and you can use it to keep track of multiple businesses.

Let me know some of your favorite tools!

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I'm Karin, creator of 2 Favorite Parts.

I'm an entrepreneur and a writer, and I love to share stories and tips to live the life we were meant to. I hope you enjoy my unique approach, which breaks things down into 2's!

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