Imperfect Vlog #4! Negatives into Positives

Imperfect Vlog #4! Negatives into Positives

In this Vlog installment, inspiration strikes at the dog park. The dog sh*t station offers unexpected insight into turning negatives into positives.

Also, I continue with imperfection by posting yet another video that I will probably regret!

Imperfect Vlog #2!

I said I’d do this video thing, even though it’s uncomfortable and frankly, I feel a little stupid. 🙂 So here we are! Today I ran 3.5 miles with my dog, Lillie, and thought about 2 things: how small, consistent habits add up; and how we shouldn’t...

An Imperfect Vlog!

I shot a video and am posting it here … a totally imperfect, amateur, gonna-be-embarrassed-about-this video. And you know what? I’m going to shoot more and post more. I’m going to make myself uncomfortable. It’s the only way to grow and get better.