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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the Law of Attraction and the concept of positive energy versus negative energy. I believe there’s something to be said for the idea of putting a certain kind of energy into the world and having it boomerang back to you.

With that in mind, I’m working harder on positive thoughts and energy. And on ways to turn negatives into positives. Someday I’ll document specifics here, but at the moment, I’m still writing that chapter of my life’s story. 🙂

(Isn’t that awesome, though? That for the most part, we get to choose how the story reads? Or at the very least, how we interpret it?)

In this earlier post featuring a couple of awesome motivational quotes, I delve into the notion of finding balance. That’s part of it. Negatives into positives. Balance.

An admin of a popular Facebook group asked today what our word of the week was. I said, “Intention.” Making sure my thoughts and actions were directed toward what I want.

It’s true that what we focus on grows. And that if we are too focused on negative, it chokes our creativity and the flow that is meant for our lives.

I half-joked with a friend recently that I was instituting a blackout on certain news. Suffice to say it’s information that relates to something/someone in my past that doesn’t do me any good if I’m to pursue things like the Law of Attraction. It’s toxic. Time to flush it as much as possible.

Which brings me to the dog park. Yes, the dog park.

Inspiration can strike in the strangest places! Lillie and I were at the tail end (no pun intended, ha) of a visit there today when the cleanup bag station caught my eye.

This is the spot where you can grab a bag if your dog does their business and you need something to clean it up with.

Still with me? Good.

Negative Into Positive: Grab It, Turn It, Toss It

Here’s the deal. The 3-step “Mutt Mitt” instructions included sketches and said: Grab It. Turn It. Toss It.

As in, grab the sh*t. Turn the bag inside-out. And then toss it.

Well, I’ll be. Isn’t that how to deal with any sh*t in our lives?

Turning negatives into positives. Right? Grab that negative, turn it inside-out, and toss the sh*t away.

I’m telling you, the dog park is a happening place. And inspiration can strike anywhere.

It’s similar to the premise in a book I constantly recommend, Failing Forward. There, author John C. Maxwell writes about failing your way to success. Couldn’t we also describe that as a way to take hold of the sh*t in our lives and turn it inside-out? And then tossing it en route to better things.

Those of you who understand the Law of Attraction, is this an example? Did I find something that resonated in the strangest of places because I started sending more positive vibes out and opened myself up to inspiration?

Or am I just weird?

Don’t answer that. Just watch the video, then chime in and tell me what inspires you. 🙂


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