About "2 Favorite Parts"

Are you a wannabe entrepreneur who struggles with focus?

You know you could achieve a breakthrough if only you could figure out what to do next.

Or you could use a little real-world inspiration — enough with the rainbows and puppies and bumper sticker quotes! (Though we do love our quotes around here.)

You have expertise. You’re motivated. You know your sh*t.

You know it so well and you know so much that you’re overwhelmed. Amiright?

It’s time to simplify. It’s time to filter through the noise — online, on TV, in books and blogs and websites … and mostly, to filter through the noise in your head.

But how?


Keep It Simple, Silly-Billy! 2 Favorite Parts will Show You How

Let’s tell a few stories…

I’m so happy to have you here!

We’re going to have a lot of fun together, and you’re going to see how to take the swirling mass of info that’s all around and condense it.

As a reader of 2 Favorite Parts, you will:

  • Read stories of success. And you’ll read stories about failure. This is gonna be real – the gory and the grand.
  • Learn how to ferret out the main idea and the primary lessons to be learned from everyday situations.
  • Receive tips on goal-setting that you can use right away and that make sense
  • Be entertained

After spending some time here, you’ll find that you, too, can look around and quickly summarize.

You’ll be able to find those 2 key takeaways from a book you read. Or the 2 steps you need to take next in your business. Or the 2 lessons you learned from a mistake that you will not repeat.

Or you can name your 2 Favorite Parts of the day, like we do in our house.

We’ll have a pattern here … a pattern of 2’s. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? It kinda is!


Who is this Genius behind 2 Favorite Parts?

Introducing Karin Crompton…

Once upon a time, I was a reporter. I wrote for newspapers, and I did it for almost 20 years.

And as much as I enjoyed meeting people and telling their stories, I always felt pulled toward something else. Something that was mine.

I wanted my own business.

So I did it. Repeatedly. Sometimes I succeeded, and sometimes I failed spectacularly.

I did freelance writing, network marketing, flipped houses, sold on eBay, sold on Amazon … created a website.

Always — always — I’d analyze. Success or failure, I’d look at what had happened and try to figure out why things had gone the way they had.

I went to conferences. I read books and blogs and listened to podcasts. I networked and asked lots and lots of questions.

Always — always — I’d study my craft. I’d figure out who was the best in the business and learn everything I could about them and their approach, their mindset.

It’s the journalist in me. I know how to find information and I can very quickly figure out who knows their stuff and who’s faking.

And here’s something I learned: the people who are really successful are often pretty normal people.

The thing they do better than the rest of us? Focus.

They figure out what their next step is … and then do it. Period.

And they are really, really good at being consistent. They keep moving, keep learning, keep taking another step.

The trick for many of us is in figuring out that next step or in being consistent. And that’s a matter of focus, isn’t it?

As a reporter, I did thousands of interviews and wrote hundreds of stories, and I was always on a deadline. That’ll force you to focus in a hurry.

I learned to get to the point, and fast — to figure out what the key takeaways were. Whether it was an investigative piece or a town meeting, I learned how to quickly summarize.

Fast forward.

“2 Favorite Parts” emerged from a bedtime ritual I have with my son, Daniel, when we lie in bed and I ask him, “What were your two favorite parts of the day?”

Why two? Well, it can be a lot of pressure to choose just one, and many days, three is too many.

It occurred to me that this could translate to many arenas.  We can choose our 2 biggest tasks to accomplish during the day; our 2 biggest goals for the year; the 2 biggest lessons learned from a so-called failure; the 2 best tips from a tutorial.

Two provides great focus. It forces us to hone in on the most important elements.

Here you’ll find inspiration, stories of success, stories of flops (and lessons learned), ideas and riffs, all meant to help you find your own passion and entertain you.

So let’s get to it! Welcome, and enjoy.

Fun Facts About Karin

Get to know Karin a little better!

“Fun Facts” are a cool way to get to know someone a little better and add some personality to the photos on the site. So here are some about me. 🙂

  1. I have a dog and 2 cats
  2. I can juggle
  3. I started my career as a sports writer and have been in the Red Sox and Yankees locker rooms (scary as hell)
  4. I’m extremely shy but a lot of people don’t believe it
  5. I went to Haiti two weeks after the earthquake in 2010 and have wanted to return ever since
  6. I made up a newspaper as a kid and wrote an op-ed declaring that we should have pancakes for breakfast every day #RealNews
  7. I played high school softball for my mother and we went undefeated and won a state title my freshman year
  8. I think Nutella is totally overrated
  9. Ditto for the beach
  10. I am deathly afraid of spiders
  11. I have dance parties with my son, Daniel, several times a week

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