Are you struggling with your About Me page?

Have you been staring at your screen for hours, trying to figure out how to describe your business and what it offers?


Or — even worse — how to describe yourself?


Relax. I’ve got you covered. In this 4-part workshop, we’ll walk through the steps of drafting a compelling narrative that speaks to your ideal reader. You’ll cover the basics and then unearth details to bring the page to life and make your About Me page stand out.

Yes! I need this

Tell Your Story, Earn Their Trust

You don’t need much. But you DO need quality.
Your About Me page is arguably the most important page on your website. It’s the one readers come to when they’ve started to show interest in you and want to know whether to stick around.

You want to describe your business and how you’ll help them … but you also want to talk about YOU.

That’s right: YOU. A handful of well-placed details can mean the difference between earning their trust and losing their interest. When readers know a little more about you, they feel more comfortable spending time with you and purchasing your products or services.


4 Steps to A Great Page

Get this comprehensive workbook plus worksheets for just $47! Here’s what’s included:

Step 1: Intro/Basics

What an About Me page is and should include; plus 3 worksheets to sketch out your business and personal highlights, & prompts for Fun Facts

Step 2: Personal Story - Highlights

Learn how to uncover the highlights of your personal and business story to make it relatable to your reader using the Five W’s. With worksheet.

Step 3: Personal Story - Connecting the Dots

Now we’re cookin’ with gas. Dig deep and manipulate the way you ask yourself questions to find the gems. Includes a worksheet to record your answers.

Step 4: Putting it All Together

Learn how to determine relevance and what to do if you have a difficult personal story you don’t want to share in full. Conclude by filling out the included outline.

What do I know about story, anyway?

Karin Crompton picOh, hey there! You want to know a few things about me? I suppose that’s only fair.

I’m┬áthe oldest child of a hippy and a nerd, born in the city of Austin, Texas, on a Wednesday night in August, a Leo and a redhead with Italian and Irish mixed in — a deadly concoction if ever there was one.

Ok, that’s going waaay back. Really, you’re here for my credentials. And these are the kinds of things you’ll learn in this workshop: choosing interesting details, then deciding which ones to use.

So what do I know about story? Quite a bit. I worked in print journalism for more than 20 years, where I churned out stories on everything from peacocks on the loose to local casualties of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I learned how to find the main idea along with supporting details that added color and context — and to do it quickly, as daily deadlines are no joke.

I still work as a writer, having moved to freelancing and to the online realm, where I’ve found a need for quality writing. Our stories matter. It helps our businesses and it helps us connect to one another. I like to think that quality writing will win out over the clickbait that’s cluttered our screens for far too long.

So good stories are my mission: to tell them, and to help others tell them. I like to say that I use my words and I help others use their words.

And you CAN write a good story on your About Me page. I promise you that you can. It’s not as complicated as you might think, and all it involves are some well-placed questions and well-placed details. This workshop will walk you through it.