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Easter is a pretty awesome holiday, isn’t it?

Spring is here, flowers are blooming … and the chocolate. So much chocolate. And the jellybeans. So many jellybeans.

We have a lot of fun with this holiday in my house. We love the decorating (hey hey, Pinterest boards!), the family time, and the Easter baskets. For Daniel, it’s kind of like Christmas redux between the Easter bunny, Mommy and Daddy, two sets of grandparents and two sets of aunts.

But Easter baskets aren’t just for kids! Who says they get all the fun?

It can be fun to give baskets to adults, too. So with that in mind, here are some recommendations for Easter Basket Ideas for Bloggers (all of which will easily fit the basket!):



If you do nothing else, you should get your favorite blogger a crap-ton of their favorite coffee. Fill the whole basket with it, even! Easy peasy, done.

I’ve been a loyal Diet Coke guzzler most of my life, but there’s something about blogging that brings out the coffee drinker in me. There’s just something so very satisfying about brewing a pot in the morning and sitting down at the laptop with a mug of coffee and a comfy pair of slippers.

There are so many choices here. I tend to go for something mild like Kahlua French Vanilla (with cream and sugar, yes).

But you’ve gotta love the vibe behind Death Wish coffee, so it gets a mention here for cool factor alone. (Maybe check with your doctor before consuming the million or so grams of caffeine in this one, however.)

Plus, anyone interested in marketing would probably love the story of how Death Wish became so popular — from small business to top-selling coffee on Amazon after it won a contest that landed it an ad in the 2016 Super Bowl.

Super Cool Mug

There are so many amazingly great choices of mug to go along with that coffee (whether it was sweet like mine or a kick-you-in-the-pants kind).

All you have to do is search “blogger mug” to get some fun results.

I love this “Best Blogger Ever” mug.

There’s also a fun one that says, “Coffee. Blog. Repeat.

Or the “Keep Calm and Blog On” version.

And for something with a little more edge, there’s this classic line often attributed to Hemingway (probably falsely so): “Write drunk, edit sober.”

I’m thinking the fact that it’s a coffee mug means you’d be on the editing side of things. But not necessarily…

JBL speaker

The great tragedy of The Winter of 2017 was when I knocked my JBL speaker off of a windowsill while it was plugged in and ripped out its guts.

It’s still hard to talk about.

So if anyone out there wants to nudge one of my loved ones toward the perfect Easter basket blogger gift, this is my choice.

This little speaker produces great sound and is perfect for podcasts, background music, and dance parties with 6-year-olds.

Power Stick

It seems like we can always use a little extra juice for our phones, and these portable power sticks are the perfect way to charge them on the go.

One of my favorite side hustles is to sell Amazon FBA — and if you have any interest in this, you need to check out The Selling Family’s Amazon Boot Camp — but it’s difficult to keep my phone charged while out sourcing for inventory for more than a couple of hours.

Enter the power stick. It’s small enough to fit in a purse, pocket, or Easter basket, and powerful enough to keep my smartphone going for an extra couple of hours. It works for tablets as well, making this a great choice if you find yourself traveling and away from outlets or car chargers (i.e. on an airplane!).


Not romance novels, of course. Our aphrodisiac is a good self-help, positive mindset, goal-setting tome. (That’s not just me, right? Right?)

There are tons of great business books, but here are a few of my favorites:

  • The One Thing by Gary Keller. I wrote an entire blog post about this book, which offers great insight about how to focus (Hint: it’s not about the coffee).
  • Failing Forward by John C. Maxwell. Maxwell turns our idea of failure inside-out and challenges us to do it more often — to fail our way to success. As I say in this post, one of the key takeaways here is, “What did I learn that I will not repeat?”
  • Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy. Another excellent book with a message about focus. In it, Tracy urges us to figure out our most important task and to do it right away … especially if it’s particularly distasteful and one we’d rather avoid (hence the title).
  • The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone. After hearing so much buzz about this book, I finally grabbed a copy (and then the puppy chewed off the cover, but that’s another story). Cardone comes at the reader from the get-go, challenging us to think massively bigger and to take more action than we’ve ever taken. Think you can handle it? Might be time for some Death Wish coffee first.

Jelly Beans

Ok, maybe this isn’t blogger-specific.

But c’mon — who doesn’t love jelly beans?

I’ll eat any kind, but Jelly Belly has long been a favorite. Just sayin’.

I hope you enjoyed this list! Please share any additional ideas you have!