Does Writing Scare You a Little Bit?

It’s ok. We’ll kick some butt together.

You Can Do This

Do you want to start a blog but feel like you can’t write? Like you have all these ideas and knowledge, but it comes out wrong on the page?

Or maybe you freeze when it comes to brainstorming ideas. You feel like you want to write something, but you don’t know what that something is.

Perhaps you’re already writing, but you want to hone your skills. Good! We all need to sharpen the ax.

I’ll help you put those great ideas into writing – and it’ll be good. You’ll learn how to give your writing some pop, to make it engaging, and to reveal your inner brilliance.

You are a writer — a good writer. Nay, a kick-ass writer. You just need a few skills. Let’s do this.

If writing is something you are struggling with or you are having a hard time getting your readers to engage, you must check out Karin’s book! This is NOT your typical book on writing. Karin gives you solid examples you can use to improve your writing and she does it in such a way that doesn’t feel like high school english. Karin’s writing is engaging, at times hilarious, and it is a joy to read what she writes. This book WILL help you become a better writer and help you engage your audience!

Jen Snyder

Women Winning Online

I have a little Karin sitting on my shoulder warning me of cliches and I LOVE when she speaks to me. Seriously, this ebook has jam-packed my brain with practical things I’m actually using to boost my writing. I’ve heard from others that my voice comes through so well in my writing now! This is happening in my business in my emails AND in my 9-5. My boss’s boss just replied to a congrats note I sent out, complimenting me on the writing!! Simple and engaging, you don’t want to waste another minute by not reading this.

Alyssa Smith

Writing is a Skill.

All You Need are Some Tools.

Find Your Voice

Voice is that unique style you find in an article, a book or a blog. Often, you can tell who an author is without seeing their byline on an article or their name on the book cover.

Write A Great Lede

You have one job here: draw the reader in. Hook ’em. Learn how to craft a great lede that will capture your readers’ attention every time.

Be More Descriptive

Weak writing is rife with unnecessary adjectives, often used in an attempt to add spice or to prop up lazy narratives. You can do better!

Get the book and workbook for just $27!


  • Hone in on your main idea by pretending you’re sitting at a bar with a friend
  • Write a great lede that non-violently grabs the reader
  • Keep the story moving by avoiding bloat
  • Pretend to be a Hollywood director to enrich your copy

Trick the words into flowing right onto the page!

If you’ve ever stared at a blinking cursor in an empty document (the 2018 equivalent of a blank page), you know that writing is HARD. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you had a really cool friend who would sit with you as you drank your coffee and helped you coax the words out? Wouldn’t it be great if that friend also happened to be really funny and have AMAZING advice that somehow tricked the words into flowing right onto the page?

That’s Karin Crompton in The Kick-Ass, Slightly Irreverent, No Rules Guide to Writing Well. If you’re a writer, or you want to be a writer, or you are just starting to think about the idea of writing, you need to read the Guide, because otherwise, you will spend a lot of time talking to yourself and not writing. Seriously. Ask me how I know.

This book is like having Karin right there in the room with you, in a totally non-creepy way. She will help you figure out the tricky parts and get to where you can actually stand to read what you wrote and not want to stab yourself with a fork.

Practical, usable advice, humor, and sarcasm. Really, is there anything better than that?

Abbi Friedman Perets

About Me

I’m a writer. Always have been. And I hope the thing you learn is that you’ve probably always been a writer as well. Perhaps you still are, or maybe you lost your passion for it or your confidence.

Let’s fix that.

What writing chops do I offer you? Well, I graduated college with a degree in English … which is the least of my credentials. But it means I went through some rigorous study and learned the hard-nosed rules of the language.

Then I used them in the real world.

I wrote for nearly 20 years for newspapers, covering everything from sports to town news to crime, transportation, education, and development. I wrote blurbs, infographics, breaking news, features, and analysis, among others.

I’ve also written in the online space for myself and for others. Today, I freelance, blog and create products like this book and workbook. I’m grateful for the opportunities that online business has created and don’t know where I’d be without them.

Newspapers are great places to hone writing skills. Newsrooms are filled with ultra competitive people who also happen to be exceptionally anal when it comes to grammar.

I learned to scrutinize every word, not only for its narrative value but for the ways it could be interpreted. I learned to research and to write on deadline. To pay attention to detail and body language and inflection, and then to convey that in words. To draw readers in and to keep them, to show them why they should care about a topic. You try covering a Zoning Board of Appeals meeting and see what you come up with. I dare you.

It was a grind and an adrenaline rush and it could suck and be wonderful all at the same time.

That’s how writing is, too. You need to work at it consistently and to pay attention to the smallest details. But that’s totally doable. And I’m going to give you some tools.

Here’s the other thing: I have a hard time taking things seriously sometimes. The more uptight people get about something, the more liable I am to poke fun at it. And people can get awfully uptight about writing, can’t they?

Let’s loosen up a bit. I promise not to shove a bunch of rules down your throat. You can find that elsewhere. Intimidation can scram.

Instead, we’re going to approach this in a more real-world way. You’ll come away with solid tips and examples and the knowledge that you CAN do this. Make sure you use the workbook, too. It’ll help walk you through whatever it is you’re writing, and you’ll rock it.

So let’s do this! And remember, you are a writer — a good one.

– Karin Crompton