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It’s no secret I have a business crush on Jessica Larrew.

Like, I would totally fly from Connecticut to California just for a coffee date if Jessica ever swiped right.

Jessica is a massively successful entrepreneur who made a name for herself selling Amazon FBA and teaching others how to do the same through The Selling Family website.

She quickly netted six figures a year selling Amazon FBA, then surpassed that when she branched out into producing her own educational products. Jessica now has a number of courses and ebooks, and her Amazon Boot Camp is the best training on the market for anyone who wants to learn to sell on Amazon.

I’ve taken Jessica’s courses, which have a well-deserved reputation for being easy to follow and packed with detail. You always get more than you paid for.

Jessica also built her own website. It’s polished and professional, easy to navigate, jammed with usable and detailed information … and makes a ton of money. And this is all accomplished without spammy ads cluttering it.

So the moment I learned that she had expanded her business to help people profit from their websites, I was pumped. One of her first endeavors is a course designed to instruct people how to build their own professional-looking websites.

I recently took Jessica’s 30-Day Website Building Challenge, which guides participants through a new challenge every day for a month. At the end of the month-long course, you have a website ready to show the world.

I had already started building a site on WordPress, but the 30-Day Website Building Challenge gave me the boost I needed to add some really nice touches and turn the site into something I could confidently share with others. So whether you already have a site or are starting from scratch, this is a good fit.

With that said, here’s my review of the challenge. In 2FP style, I’m choosing my 2 Favorite Parts of the course, which include: the step-by-step method, and the mix of DIY and custom options.

1. 30-Day Website Building Challenge: A True Step-by-Step Course

Jessica says there are more than 30 steps that go into building a website, but points out that it could be overwhelming to try to tackle them all at once.

Enter one action step a day.

The beauty of the course lies in the way it forces participants to essentially time block. You have one step, and one step only, to focus on for Day One. Then another activity on Day Two. Etcetera. Each one feels manageable.

One challenge per day for 30 days.

Participants chip away at building a website and it never becomes overwhelming. For example, you start with challenges that include details like deciding upon a niche, choosing a website name, choosing your colors and fonts (in order to build a brand), and installing WordPress. Those are four different challenges, or steps, right there.

The time it takes to complete the challenges varies, but no one day is too much.

Jessica has done a great job of arranging the steps in an order that makes sense while also finding a way to vary their complexity.

In other words, if you fall behind on one challenge, you’ll have a few days in a row of super quick tasks that allow you to catch up. I fell behind a few times — I took for-ever deciding on my colors (and will still probably go back and tweak them) — but was able to make up for it and finish the challenge on time.

My shortest challenge took about 15 minutes, while my longest was about 8 hours in total.

That was self-inflicted, however, as my tendency towards perfectionism kicked in. I took a looong time to write my third blog, which came out to about 2,000 words and included graphics and links. You could very well write yours in a lot less time.

(*That third blog challenge produced this piece, A Beginner’s Guide To Writing a 1,500-word Blog Post. I called on my experience as a writer and reporter to detail what it takes to compose copy of that length.)

Website Building within a Community

One thing Jessica is great at is building community with her brands.

I first encountered this when I took her Q4 coaching for Amazon FBA and participated in the Facebook group there. The community was vibrant and active, and Jessica was in the mix every day as well, taking time to post info and answer questions.

Seriously. Without getting all infomercial on you here, what would you pay to have direct access to a frikkin’ millionaire??

The 30-Day Website Building Challenge was the same. Each action step has its own dedicated post and thread in the Facebook group, so you find that day’s challenge and can read other participants’ comments and questions as well as Jessica’s input.

In addition to being a great forum for asking questions, it also served as an invaluable space to get feedback. We posted our blogs for other participants to read, showed others what we were working on for colors and logos, and bounced ideas for graphics off of one another.

2. 30-Day Website Building Challenge: a Mix of DIY and Custom Options

Jessica will be the first to tell you she made a mistake early in her career by paying someone way too much money to build a website for her. She shelled out thousands for a website she didn’t wind up loving and had to maintain herself anyway.

The 30-Day Website Building Challenge shows you how to do nearly everything yourself. There are options to spend extra money along the way, but you don’t need to.

For example, we designed our own logos. Mine is extremely simple and at some point I’ll probably hire someone to design something better. But I didn’t need that to get started — which is the point. Why let a side detail like that stall your progress?

The cash I expended beyond the course included purchasing my domain and self hosting; investing in a custom theme (Divi); and buying a subscription to ConvertKit to help me build my email list.

I skipped the option to buy a subscription to Canva, which I use to build graphics, but might come back to that later; I’m currently using the free version, which has served me well to this point. I also passed on a paid image service and have thus far found free options.

I was part of the first group of participants to take the challenge, and Jessica has used our feedback to tweak some parts of the course. That’s another thing she does well: she keeps courses relevant and up-to-date, and uses feedback to continually improve.

The 30-Day Website Building Challenge is a ridiculously low $97 and includes lifetime access to the materials and the Facebook group. Most of the days include video tutorials and there are a lot of worksheets and printouts. Seriously: 30 action steps with detailed instruction, videos, a Facebook group and direct answers from the owner, who has a proven track record. She could (and I imagine at some point will) charge much more.

I loved the course and look forward to what Jessica comes out with in the future (courses on monetizing blogs are in the works, I believe!). So go for it! And then please share your results with me and show me your site. 🙂

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